Tranquility Crunch

Power Down - The Crossroads
It's dark out here!

The party has been asked to find out why the power supply to Greenwater has been spotty lately. They are directed to the Power Station outside of town near Highway 77 and Biosphere Road. They can take either the path along the roads or through the desert.

The party chose to travel along the road. Just outside of the crossroads of 77 and Biosphere Road, they think they see something fly from North to South between the buildings. Zeena whipped out her binoculars but did not get another glimpse of the creature. Once the party had moved into the crossroads, they begin to explore an abandoned building and found various Ancient Junk along the sidewalk, including a Twinkie for Stonesyde. They were not alone. A small horde of Herd Zombies began shuffling towards them with a hovering Black Blaash behind. It was not apparent whether the zombies were aggressive since they did not attack once within range (though one’s head did explode near Villa), but merely maintained their vacant stare focusing on Stonesyde. The adventurers held their ground, patiently waiting to discern the zombies’ intent. Zeena attempted to investigate their thoughts, but was unable to extrapolate any meaningful information. Once the Blaash attacked, however, the intent was clear.

The Blaash did some devastating ranged damage and drove the party, except Stonesyde, into an abandoned building for cover. Even then, the Blaash was able to focus a stream of pure radiation through the entry door into Will.I.Am’s face, crippling his fighting ability. Stonesyde charged towards the Blaash to take it down, being the obvious threat. He shrugged off the zombie attacks as the radiation and claw attacks glanced off his rock exterior – leaving nary a scratch. Apparently, the zombies took note of his toughness and re-focused their attention on those taking shelter inside. As they clambered through windows to enter the safe haven, Villa, Zeena and Will.I.Am picked them off one by one. Once cleared, the adventurers joined Stonesyde in the street to assist in dispatching the Blaash. After a brief rest, the crew began heading South down Biosphere Road.


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